Issue: 2008-12-25

Cover December 25, 2008

Yukon society is a peculiar blend of the arts and the outdoors - with a healthy dose of practical knowledge thrown into the mix. Nowhere else in the world can one find so many artists in the middle of such wilderness; nowhere else in the world can on Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

The words of the newspaper ad came to mind again during the 20-minute drive up Fish Lake Road. Earlier in the week, those words had matched up nicely with the approaching full moon indicated on the wall calendar in the kitchen. Read more

Yukon Winter

Award-winning journalist, Carol Morin, wants to hear from Northern women. "What's really important to me is, as women, we all encounter the same struggles," said Morin, who is to receive a National Aboriginal Achievement Award for Media and Read more


The vibrant theatre community in Whitehorse is making room for some new, budding talent. After years of bringing innovative and imaginative works to local stages, Gwaandak Theatre presents youth with the chance to tell their own stories through the Read more


Cher Yukon, Yes, it is that time of year again. I can't believe I have been in Montréal almost four months. Of course this festive season brings my heart to a place of reminiscing, more so this year as I am living where I lived as a child and many Read more

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Issue: 2010-11-04

Let me begin by saying happy holidays to each and every one of you. I know that gets said a lot this time of year but I whole heartedly mean it. Not in the way that "jelly of the month club" voucher from the boss you've never seen does, but truly f Read more


As I reflect upon the approaching year end, I would like to thank you, the readers, for providing me with encouragement, enthusiasm and support for my articles. I hope that they have encouraged you to explore new wine territory and given you new idea Read more


​"You pour the brandy on the pudding and set fire to it?! You English are strange". Whitehorse in the snowy grip of Winter 2001. Basement apartment. Our first Christmas together as a married couple. Our first Christmas away from home. Read more

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My best Christmas ever felt humdrum and boring at first. I was a first-year university student in a Greyhound bus for 10 hours to spend Christmas with her grandparents and parents, instead of jet-setting back to her hometown to visit old friends and Read more

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The chef at the High Country Inn is getting very excited. It is time, once again, for the Yukon Fish and Game Association's Banquet, Award and Auction Night, Jan. 24. "It gives him the opportunity to show his creativity with musk ox, white tail dee Read more

Wild Harvest

As Nakai Theatre's artistic director, Skelton admits that last year's Pivot Festival came with a small dose of controversy. However, he's ready for another go this January when the avant-garde performance event hits the stage for its second run. Read more

Yukon Arts

Finally, you sinners have reached that one special moment of the year when I consider whether or not I will forgive you for making my life less than pleasant. Anyone and everyone stands a chance as I have already forgiven the following in this Read more


That is how Kevin Rumsey describes his wife's reaction when he informed her that he was leaving his hometown of Whitehorse and moving to Afghanistan for a year. Rumsey accepted an offer to work in Kabul with Action Against Hunger, an international Read more

Yukon People

In Klondike days, the oldtimers would have used canned spinach to make this quiche. Today, we have the luxury of being able to buy fresh spinach in the middle of a Yukon winter ... how times have changed. Read more

It all started on Dec. 23, 1998, in Philadelphia. Or, more accurately, at Pitchers Pub in Manayunk, a neighbourhood in the north-west corner of Philly. That was the first "Running of the Santas Read more

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Issue: 2008-12-25

In our hearts and minds, Christmas holds a special place all its own. For most of us, we recall the traditions of Christmas as nostalgia that takes us back to our childhood. Christmas traditions connect us to our past. Through the brightness of... Read more

Farm - Garden

There is much reference to making merry, but at this time of the season, you must admit, a little revelry is called for. The Whiskeydicks have a new CD out called Get'er Done! and they have an agenda. They are out to create the bacchanalia with ever Read more

Yukon Music

A battle is raging inside the F.H. Collins Gadzoosdaa Student Residence common room. Potato, turnip and carrot skins fly across the tabletop as 18 busy hands, armed with peelers, attack an army of vulnerable vegetables. Read more

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"Teenagers really respond to stories of the outsider," says Jonathan Christenson, the play's writer, director and composer. "It's that fear of being a social pariah." And Frankenstein's monster is the ultimate social pariah as he was met by Read more

Theatre - Dance

"It was hilarious. It was a really small show, a solo set, there was just some friends and family there and halfway through the song I felt some hands on my shoulders and it was your brother," laughed O'Donovan Read more

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