Issue: 2009-02-12

The bearded man shrugged on his Carhartt jacket and then levelled a gaze at Genesee Keevil. She was sitting by the window, wearing a cover-your-eyes bright-pink wig, and her slightly too-loud voice only added to the spectacle. Read more

Yukon Music

For 10 years, living in the United States, I read the Wall Street Journal to keep on top of developments in the business world. But it was the Friday edition I looked forward to with true delight. Every Friday was, and continues to be, some of the be Read more


Emilie Joslin is the friendly person who will welcome you when you enter the Yukon Quest office. The walls of Joslin's office are covered with posters from each and every year of this amazing annual dog sled race, from 1984, right on through. Read more

Photography - Film

This summer, I discovered I had an unconscience reason for leaving the Yukon. I was sitting in a Winnipeg movie theatre, my body comfortably slumped into the plush reclining seat. I stretched my legs (I know! There was ROOM!) and readied myself... Read more


The thing about chefs is that they can work almost anywhere. Because of this, cooking is an ideal job for the restless spirits among us. In a crowd known for its wanderlust, Gordon Parton is somewhat of an anomaly. Parton is the head chef at... Read more

Yukon People

"Et tu, Brute?" A famous line uttered by even those who don't know it is Shakespeare. It is spoken when one friend betrays another. Does this make Marcus Junius Brutus a bad guy? Anton Solomon is not sure. Read more

Theatre - Dance


Issue: 2009-02-12

It is Friday evening, the sky is crystal clear and the temperature is a balmy –23 degrees. Add to that a 30-kilometre wind from the south, and you have a wind chill of –39 degrees. For most people this is a good time to stay indoors and sip a nice Read more


There is a moment in Fully Committed when Brian Fidler's character, Sam, gives his father some disappointing news over the telephone. Read more

Theatre - Dance