Issue: 2009-02-19

What goes together even better than peanut butter and chocolate, Laurel and Hardy, or ice cream and dill pickles? We think it is beer and music. Read more

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Andrew Connors is very pleased with his 32-page program for the upcoming Available Light Film Festival. Read more

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Michael King, co-owner and operator of Bean North Coffee Roasting Company, had been looking for a way to promote canned coffee. "That's the most environmentally friendly way to package coffee," he says. "Bags are all the fad...." Read more


It almost happened. That one sickening moment when we Yukoners look out the window and say, "That's it ... no more." It was the morning of Saturday, Feb. 7, when our drapes opened to reveal a wall of snow descending upon our homes, our vehicles and Read more

Yukon Winter

Somewhere a guitar is being tuned; elsewhere the "Check one, two; check, check, check one, two" is heard as microphones are readied for the Folk Society night. What an appropriate setting for an interview about the Yukon Winter Music Camp. Read more

Yukon Music

I released the cold brass doorknob and walked up a half-step into an invisible wall of ammonia, iodine, freezer-burned meat and brown-sauce stench so thick and acrid that my nose burned. The floor was shiny – impeccable – the kind that looks like.... Read more

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Issue: 2008-12-04

Sometimes, night-time excursions do not always go the way one envisions them. Case in point, the other evening the Moon and Venus were supposed to be a mere 5 degrees apart from each other. Considering that 10 x 50 binoculars will give you a... Read more


Janke, the writer/composer/director, is better known as a composer of contemporary music and creator of the six-part Northern Town. This is his first animated film and it has actually been a 20-year journey. Read more

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I'm a walking mass of contagion. Well, if I were honest, I'm currently reclining on an IKEA futon, propped up precisely so that I don't leak mucous onto the keyboard. I got a good ol' "knock you on your arse" cold... Read more


Murray Munn has released This Guy Is Falling, a three-song demo of original blues songs that hearken back to these themes and styles. Read more

Yukon Music

Four actors from One Yellow Rabbit Performance Theatre, in Calgary, will perform vignettes in between sets played by the legendary band Rheostatics, at the Yukon Arts Centre Tuesday, Feb. 24. Read more

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