Issue: 2009-02-26

For some time, my editor has been urging me to explore the world of non-alcoholic wines and I have to admit that I put off his request, perhaps not being really sure how to approach the subject. Or perhaps it was just that, to me, as a wine... Read more


Cambridge medical students are expected to be well-schooled in the art of social climbing, but Peter Steele, who studied medicine at the University of Cambridge, in England, chose mountain climbing instead. "There were some really excellent... Read more

Yukon People


Issue: 2009-02-12

The constellation of Leo the Lion definitely seems to be where all the Yukon Night Sky action is. Starting with Ceres, the smallest dwarf planet (formerly called the largest asteroid), will be making a close pass to Earth, a mere 250 million... Read more


It is all original art and none of it existed before last December. So, the creative process took place during the darkest days of a Yukon winter. And that, says Tara McCarthy, is the whole idea behind Dark Days. Read more

Yukon Arts

Perspective – use it or lose it. Words I've been pondering quite a lot lately. Recently I was noticing how much I dwelt on things I've left behind in the Yukon. While I was on a grand new adventure, I couldn't help but resent having to... Read more


In a world where imagination is the only contender and where the laws of physics are hotly contested—in the circus world—the act of balancing rivals even the act of breathing. The world of writing involves balancing acts, as well. Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

A man who has helped Yukon musicians for years -- as a key organizer of the Alsek Music Festival and as a music teacher at St. Elias Community School – is now being offered help. While Haines Junction's Richard Godson is receiving treatment.... Read more

Making A Difference!

It will be an unusual connection between the audience at the Yukon Arts Centre and the dancers of Montréal Danse when it presents On the Ice of Labrador on Saturday, Feb. 28. The seven dancers will each be presenting their own stories.... Read more

Theatre - Dance

This is a great recipe for your next potluck supper. Quick to put together, better after it has sat for an hour, this salad is loaded with great flavour and interesting texture. It is also a good choice for a refrigerator salad that can be packed... Read more