Issue: 2009-03-05

Adrienne Marsh is pumped. The interview takes off like a sprinter from the starting block. In a voice charged with enthusiasm, Marsh explains SOGO Active, a program presented by Coca-Cola Canada in collaboration with ParticipACTION, for youth aged 13 Read more

Yukon Education

Above Antoinette's Food Cache is a sign that proclaims it to be an "International Slow Food Restaurant". In a culture that often idolizes speed, such a proclamation seems a little out of place. But maybe there is more value in slowness than we... Read more

Yukon People


Issue: 2009-02-12

As March begins, there is excitement in the Yukon Night Sky. It is time for the Messier Marathon. This is an event that most amateur astronomers anxiously await, and the time is just about upon us. So what is a Messier Marathon and what is all... Read more


I was watching one of the Sunday-morning news shows and heard something that crystallized, in my mind, what is wrong with the financial sector. Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

Winston Choi, the pianist, was laureate of the 2003 Honens International Piano Competition and winner of France's 2002 Concourse International de Piano 20e siècle d'Orléans. Minghuan Xu, with her violin, is a winner of the Beijing Young Artists.... Read more

Yukon Music

My eyes are closed, but I can feel the gentle wind blow my hair lightly into my face. Forward, onward, it says. The fragrance of moist earth, decaying leaves and living things, envelope my senses. Branches creak and leaves flutter, letting me.... Read more

Yukon Summer

"You can't please 'em all." Now there's an oft-spouted aphorism from the comedy world, lemme tell you. This is a general kind of excuse you can drop to someone who has walked off the stage, not to thunderous applause but to deafening silence... Read more


What difference can one day possibly make? To the homeless, to the poor, to those who have fallen on hard times, a day can make quite a difference. Read more

Health and Wellness