Issue: 2009-03-19

We are familiar with the concept of "a face only a mother could love". Well, The Mighty Carlins has three characters that, possibly, only the playwright could ... like. Collin Doyle created three absurdly foul characters for the play that is being p Read more

Theatre - Dance

A great lead sets the reader up for what is to follow and, of course, what follows should be great as well. Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

Flo Whyard was born in 1917, in London, Ontario, and grew up in a family of newspapermen and political junkies. Her father sat in the Press Gallery, inside the House of Commons, and wrote his articles at night while Whyard fell asleep... Read more

Yukon People

I have a confession. After encouraging friends and readers to participate in Open that Bottle Night, I remembered I had committed to attend the Rotary Club banquet where I found myself sipping the only red offered, a Jackson Triggs Merlot ($8.75). Read more


The cast of Studies in Motion has been checking out the temperatures here daily. Yet they will all be nude sometime during the play when it shows at the Yukon Arts Centre March 24 to 27. Read more

Theatre - Dance

When I was a wage slave, the call of Friday happy-hour escapism was like aural honey to my ears. After a few years in the YTG system, I could proudly say my paper-shuffling skills were unmatchable. (I can make it look like I'm furiously working... Read more


"People ask me, 'how long have you been an artist?', and it's been since I was really young. It's always been a big thing of mine," Norm Matechuk says with a laugh. "Eventually it came back to wood turning, but I always did art of some sort...." Read more

Yukon Arts

This could possibly be the most-anticipated Burning Away the Winter Blues event in its 11-year history. Because of the economy? "No," says Arlin McFarlane. "It has been a long winter this year." Read more

Yukon Winter

As we get nearer to our upcoming and excellent adventure, distilling, we get more and more questions about the process. So we thought we would turn the Beer Buzz into the Booze Buzz, at least for this column. Read more

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Issue: 2009-03-19

Let's start today's column with Comet Lulin, which is blazing its way across the Yukon Night Skies. This small and bright comet is really moving quickly across the night sky and can still be seen in binoculars. Moving steadily westward and heading... Read more