Issue: 2009-04-16

As Northerners, we are profoundly touched by the end of winter, the slow return of warmth and the rapid return of light to our lives. Suddenly, we become aware of just how set in our ways we have become, and we resolve to change our lives. Read more


During the first part of this year, Nakai Theatre has been working through a strategic-planning process and has been confirmed that it wants to be a "developmental theatre company." Read more


[Marten] Berkman says Remote Sensibility is his "response to our tendency as a culture to consider the land in entirely quantifiable terms – hence 'sensibility'." Read more

Yukon Arts

Imagine children, some as old as 17, who have never held a book – never read a book in their own language Liesel Briggs and her daughter Rosemarie have handed books to children in Nepal and India. Their passion is to provide "books and basics". Read more

Making A Difference!

On Phyllis (LePage) Simpson's coffee table is a stack of books on the history of the Yukon River. When she reads them, it is not unusual for her to find a glaring error or omission. "They make me so mad," she says. "They sometimes get things wrong." Read more

Yukon People


Issue: 2008-12-04

Springtime is finally here and, along with it, unstable weather. Our last outing to Grey Mountain was a washout due to clouds and strong wind. This was to be expected because my mirror set has recently arrived from being tested, re-configured and... Read more


Silly me. I thought the public wants intelligent discourse, all sides of a story and alternative, respectful arguments. So, I go to journalism school, I work for some of the best editors in the business and learn all that I can and I make mistakes Read more


Did you feel it? Once again, the nation shared a moment of polarization. We were all united in our disdain for the States. And it all came from a little Fox News commentary show called Red Eye. Read more


Edible-plant gardening is a doubly exciting venture. We all know that food tastes best when it can be consumed soon after harvest. By growing edible plants in your windowsill, you take advantage of the fresh harvest at your finger tips. Read more

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