Issue: 2009-04-30

Before your vocal chords burst into the the chorus from Julie Andrews' "My Favorite Things" (dash it all, I hate to spoil your fun), I'm not talking about those kinds of things. Something better. Some wonderful resources for writing and editing ... Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

Imagine that this is a story about you and a poem – 25 delicious lines about gathering pancake berries at Moosehide that you submitted to the 2009 Yukon Young Authors Contest. Read more


Fumi Torigai, and my wife is Taeko Torigai. How many children do you have? We have two children: a daughter who lives here in Whitehorse and works for YTG doing mine reclamation work, and our son works as a computer specialist in Calgary. Read more

Yukon People

How do we stem the tide of AIDS in Africa? Linda Hallet of Victoria, B.C. is working with the Stephen Lewis Foundation (SLF) and with groups, Canada-wide, to do just that. Read more

Health and Wellness

Whitehorse's own Sanktuary has released a five-song, self-titled CD, and within its tiny, laser-etched grooves are hints and haunts of my monochromatic youth. Read more

Yukon Music

I once made the happy mistake of surfing on eBay, shall we say, under the influence. I say "mistake" as I found out, in a haze the next day, that I had won an online auction for something to the tune of 150 dollars. But I say it was a happy... Read more


Last week I began listing my favourite movies of all time. I only got to six of them and they all tended to be "guy movies". There's violence and there is male bonding and all of the things we stereotypical males enjoy. Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns


Issue: 2008-12-04

Springtime night skies offer an endless bounty of galaxies, nebula and star clusters, waiting to be explored. Whether you prefer binoculars or a telescope, there is no other time of year when the night sky is so plentiful with deep-sky objects to... Read more


It's 8:30 p.m. I'm driving Scott Marsden, curator of The Reach Gallery, in Abbotsford, and erstwhile curator at the Yukon Arts Centre, back to his hotel. He wants to catch the dining room before it closes at 9. That's when I learn he hasn't ... Read more

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