Issue: 2009-05-07

The return of the light and the steady drip drip drip of the snow melting has re-awakened my yearning for all that the Yukon has to offer us in our other, non-winter seasons. Last week, I stopped at the Liquor Corporation store to look for a... Read more


Haynes plays the ukulele while Martin plays the suitcase – yes, says Haynes, a real suitcase. He carries his clothes in it between gigs – while Driver plays a street sweeper bristle. Fans of his music can expect him to play a flute.... Read more

Yukon Music

If you are a lover of music, this is one fantastic week to be a Yukoner. Check it out: you have Justin Haynes, Jean Martin and Ryan Driver playing at The Old Fire Hall on Saturday; then Don Ross and Brooke Miller will be at the Yukon Arts Centre.... Read more

Yukon Music

I'm coming out of the closet – again. This time, for far-nobler purposes than atheism. Indeed, I have found a much-maligned part of society that deserves our complete recognition, adulation and undue attention. I enjoy reality shows ... Now let's... Read more


They don't dig like dogs, with their front feet, but with their noses. It is unbelievable how strong their nose muscles are. They can even lift fence posts out of the ground with enough time and effort. So one of the first things needed for keeping p Read more

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Issue: 2009-02-12

The month of May is a time of furious activity for Northern amateur astronomers. We are closing in on the time when the night sky will soon disappear only to be replaced by our local star, the sun. The exciting part of this time of the year is... Read more


In old Klondike days, ingredients were rather limited. Lard or bacon grease was often the only fat for baking. Holy smokes, can you imagine? In this recipe, we have the luxury of using butter. There is no doubt: real butter makes the best cookies... Read more