Issue: 2009-05-14

The renaissance of craft brewing in Canada all started with a single beer. We are not talking about the first bottle rolled out the door by Granville Island Brewing, Read more

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How far am I willing to go to ride? Pretty far, apparently. This past winter, my favourite riding buddy and I travelled by truck and ferry and truck again, over 7,000 kilometres there and back, to ride around 4,375 kilometres. We took longer travell Read more

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Gordie Tentrees has released his third studio album and is planning to celebrate with a tour of northern communities. More of that later, for now let's get to the CD, Mercy or Sin. Read more

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You have to be thrilled for Gordie Tentrees. The first time his ears perked up to enjoy a folk tune, it was at a Fred Eaglesmith picnic. The first 20 songs he learned to play on a guitar were Fred Eaglesmith songs. Read more

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I watched the city worker dump my garbage into that "trash compactor on wheels" and I found myself wondering: Does he get to work four days a week now? When he found out that this new automated system was coming our way, did he go home and tell his Read more

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Between 1968 and 1978, the Cassiar Asbestos Corporation ran a small mining community called Clinton Creek, about 60 miles northwest of Dawson City. The far-flung location attracted a certain type of person; namely, the young and the adventurous. Read more

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As we speak ('cause "read together" sounds kinda weird), I have Facebook open on another window. I'm trying hard not to check it. Indeed, I am one of "those" – one of those people who actually waste their time stalking friends, vague... Read more


I line my pots up along Kathryn's railing. They don't make the right statement. They are the same forms I made down south, but I've left so much behind: my husband, my adult children, my home, the studio. Three thousand miles. Behind. Read more


"Men will cook if danger is involved," writes comedienne Rita Rudner, which pretty much explains my love for the barbecue. I once bought a quarter of beef...." Read more



Issue: 2009-05-14

In astronomy, there are good nights and there are bad nights. A good night is a cosmic gift: cloud-free skies and transparent atmosphere are basic requirements before you get started. Our last outing at Miles Canyon Lookout Point was one of those... Read more


Classically trained in guitar and well-versed in the banjo, Kim Barlow has been releasing albums of her own hauntingly beautiful roots/folk music for years, notably in her 2003 Juno award-nominated album, Gingerbread and in 2007's Champ. Read more

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Cam, that breakdancing Brownie Hawkeye camera, and Legs, the glove that struts and dances like a DJ, have returned to Whitehorse. Cam & Legs creator and puppeteer, Brian Fidler, has scheduled the shows for Thursday to Sunday at The Old Fire Hall. Th Read more

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