Issue: 2009-05-21

Sunday is given over to an all-day seminar on Passionomics: how to put passion back into your life, your work and your pocketbook. Alan Goff is an award-winning and inspirational speaker, an author and a corporate trainer who will motivate you to Read more

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​It's interesting how city bus drivers can reflect the personality of their town. In one large city I saw a driver pull away as a woman fell while about to board the bus; in another, I saw a passenger fall flat on her face after skidding in the slipp Read more


Yukon legend Dick Stevenson earned his status honestly, which, according to Captain Dick's Au'toe'biography: One Toe of a Tale, is a rarity for the captain of the Yukon Lou and the creator of the SourToe Cocktail. Read more


Daniel Tlen sang our national anthem at the opening ceremonies of the 1988 Winter Olympics in Calgary. The event was viewed by one of the largest television audiences ever assembled. "There were some estimates that two-billion people were watching... Read more

Yukon People

Heading into summer = a wonderful time. And no matter how much extraneous snow may continue to fall, nothing can dampen the spirit of the truly gung-ho. This is the time when calendars come out, the grand trips are planned and all the winter's... Read more


Today, five members of Théâtre de la Pastèque (Watermelon Theatre) are borrowing this commedia dell'arte to entertain and, as four of the members of the cast are teachers, to educate. Read more

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We are closing in on that time when visual astronomy is about over for the season. That does not mean there is nothing to do; on the contrary, we have to shift our cosmic interests a bit, to a more solar-system approach of things. Start with the... Read more


My garden soil is a combination of sand and silt. It has taken a lot of compost, manure and other organic matter (weeds and old plant stocks) to enable it to hold onto moisture for any amount of time, which is better for the rest of the summer, but i Read more

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Exams are easy when you prepare for them, and they only seem tough when you don't study ... If that is so obvious, then why are we giving the medical profession such a hard time over Swine Flu?  Read more

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While the snow is gone, and with it the skiing and snowshoeing, back come the swans, ducks, crocuses and the long-awaited spring light. One season ends and another begins. Read more

Serenity is set in subdued mauves and pinks as the sun sets above the Yukon River in a mural where trees and plants are alive with birds and butterflies. Serenity is the purpose of the Serene Room, a fulfillment of the vision Linda and John Lemphers. Read more

Health and Wellness

I am convinced that the Yukon has really happy ditches. I've always believed that places absorb the emotional energy of the human beings who have passed through. Like up on the ski hill, a few weekends ago, my smile appeared even as I drove into th Read more

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