Issue: 2009-05-28

Back in March, we sent one of our brewers on a jaunt to jolly old England. Alan went there to participate in a beerfest put on by a group of pubs, J.D. Wetherspoon (JDW). At each beerfest, JDW features 50 different beers in their pubs, most of... Read more

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Despite the resplendent abundance of Yukon artists, Nicole Bauberger's name is well-known. She is known. She's not a venerated Elder or a famous come-from-away who moved here with a built-in reputation. Bauberger is a youngish woman who decided to m Read more

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It was a proud moment for 17-year-old Mauricio Ruaz, Grade 12 student at Vanier Catholic Secondary, when someone said, "I'm glad you put Colombia's name up high ... where it belongs." Read more

Making A Difference!

The lyrics are all about it and the overall tone is ultra positive. Jesse Peters never sings the blues; his music has a much more golden hue. Read more

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Two weekends ago, a friend and I drove up the road from Rabbits Foot Canyon, to Fish Lake, to take her dog for a walk. While the roads were mostly dry, there was still a good foot or two of snow scattered intermittently along the path that we walked. Read more


Right now, a blinking cursor is doing its very best to drive me insane. This cursor, constantly sitting at the very end of my thoughts, echoes inside my skull like the flashing "12:00" on my microwave, its only purpose to nag at me that I still... Read more



Issue: 2009-02-12

For Yukon amateur astronomers, time for viewing those amazing night skies will soon vanish, temporarily that is. At this time of year, as soon as it starts to get dark, dawn approaches shortly after. This means you have to be ready and have a list... Read more


After intense immersion in comedy last winter in Toronto, George Maratos has returned with a program that is making its second appearance Thursday night. The Stand Up Stand Off begins.... Read more

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Rob Millar is my hero. He writes our Barbe-Yukon column which means, of course, he is an expert barbecuer. Right there, that makes him more of a man than I. Read more


On the gorgeous, summery evening of May 1, Ragazze, a solo show of acrylic paintings by Deanna Slonski, opened in the solo-show room at the Yukon Artists @ Work Gallery. Look up "Ragazze" on Google. You will find images of scantily clad women ... Read more

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Andrea Simpson Fowler's pride, passion and excitement beam throughout our half-hour interview. Even though we are speaking over the phone, the long-time managing director of Leaping Feats Creative Danceworks (LFCD) exudes a contagious enthusiasm as s Read more

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You should always start planning the next adventure before the current one is complete. Even better, before the current one even gets started. Read more

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