Issue: 2009-06-04


Issue: 2008-12-04

The month of May is over, and so is observing deep-sky objects such as nebulas and galaxies. The only stellar objects in the sky that are of interest to amateur astronomers are the moon, sun, Jupiter, Saturn and a handful of stars and clusters.... Read more


If you lived in the Yukon in the 90s, then you know the Peters Drury Trio. There was Caroline Drury with her crystal-clear voice; there was Graeme Peters, wildly talented on the drums and, well, just wild; and there was his brother, Jesse.... Read more

Yukon Music

So I went on this website to see when I'd die. The Internet, being the general purveyor of naked people and random crotch shots, can also tell you how long you'll have to live. You simply enter a little personal data. You type in your age, history... Read more


Isabelle Stephens, a Grade 10 student from F.H. Collins School, says she loves the idea of performing in Grease – she will be Rizzo – because, "It's about teenagers and we are teenagers ... but in a different era." Read more

Theatre - Dance

Colleen Potter has an infectious smile that can put even the most-guarded person at ease. It's a smile that doesn't fade when she begins to talk about her ancestry. Potter is Métis. We often think such a fact should be pushed to the side, that... Read more

Yukon People

They're up ... radishes and swiss chard that were planted only a week ago are now pushing up through the soil. The radishes looked like they have been up for a while, too, but I didn't notice them because I was still planting other parts of the... Read more

Farm - Garden

As I write this, 78-year-old Helmut Becker toils tirelessly, beating his hand-grown flax and hemp fibres for Yukon artists. He's doing it in Ontario, so I can't see him. But it sure makes writing this article like indoor work with no heavy lifting. Read more

Yukon Arts

Here is a simple salad, colourful and high in nutrients. Try using a whole wheat penne or vegetable pasta for interesting texture and increased fibre. Bright-red tomatoes contrast with celery and cucumbers to make this a light, easy-to-prepare and... Read more