Issue: 2009-06-25

The Solstice Festival is the "Perfect Storm" of parties. It is three festivals – one right after the other – that will keep Shipyards Park booming and bopping from Friday, June 26 to Sunday, June 28. Kicking things off on Friday will be the fourth Read more

Yukon Arts

When the world thinks of Canada, they think of the Yukon. When Yukoners think of the Yukon, they think of Faro. Read more


Are you ready? Have you done your lunges? Assembled a method of attack? Bought your tickets? Studied the various MySpace sites? Read more

Yukon Music

They are not mountain goats to Shirly Ambrose, who, in her own words is an "amateur professional photographer", they are her "Mountain Glories". "All of my life I've admired the mountain goat. I find them beautiful ... bright-white, long shaggy coats Read more

Photography - Film

When you talk about "The Theatre", these days, it is inevitable that certain eyes will glaze and certain minds will wander. It's old and out of date, the YouTube crowd might complain. But perhaps the qualities that prevent live theatre from being... Read more

Yukon People

For 20 bucks, you can enjoy 12 hours of live music at Shipyards Park this weekend and support the Yukon Humane Society. Read more

Yukon Music

One of the delights of owning a hobby greenhouse is that that there are many varieties of plants that can be grown in its warm, humid climate. Often we tend to think of growing mostly tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and that certainly was the case... Read more

Farm - Garden

Pat McKenna takes a cook's tour of famous, infamous and soon-to-be-famous Yukon chefs. An unassuming hero amongst the locals, a font of Northern knowledge for the tourists and a source of food for mining-company drillers, Mike Mancini is a humble... Read more


There are cacti and scrub brush and even a couple of cowboys herding reluctant stray cattle along a sandy road. Each time we stop to rest, or to try and get our directions at a fork in the road, it is so hot that our helmets and jackets come off to Read more

Travel Outside