Issue: 2009-07-30

Imagine taking a roller coaster ride and then writing about it as if you were still on the ride. That is an example of a "live-it, tell-it" style of journalism ... Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

It's full-on summer. Kids are out of school; Canada Day is past and every weekend from now until the end of August will be packed with the warm-weather activities we all love but have such a short time to enjoy... Read more


Most of me loves the twisties. There is a small part of me that is disappointed with the fact that I don't always do them justice. I get the feeling I am just going too slow. We are talking about curves, corners, bends ... you know, "twisties". Read more

Travel Outside

Crystal Light has become my new best friend. You see, you can take your mundane water right from the tap and, one powdery package later, you have one instant ticket to flavour country! Even as my two fingers scurry across the keyboard, my taste... Read more


This is a part of farming that is definitely hard work. It starts a day or so before the actual butcher date with the set-up of the equipment: a kill site, a scalder, a plucker, an evisceration table and some large chill tanks. Read more

Farm - Garden

A month or so ago, the San Francisco Weekly published an article called The 10 Coolest Specialty Food and Drink Magazines. In that list are two magazines that write about beer, at least in a cursory manner. Read more


"Yukoners are definitely hitting above their weight," polar scientist David Hik told Claire Eamer after the Canadian Science Writers' Association (CSWA) presented her with the Science in Society Youth Book Award, in May. Read more


Posters around town advertise the Actors Intensive Weekend Workshop as "From New York to the Yukon.... "Classically, we think of New York as a method," says "New York-trained" actor/instructor/director Anastasia Bandey. Read more

Theatre - Dance

Atkinson is affectionately known as "Willow Bob" for the bent-willow chairs and other rustic furniture he makes. A portrait in oils is "usually reserved for the elite," Hodgson observes in her artist statement. But in her portraits, she seeks "to ce Read more

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