Issue: 2009-08-13

Where there's smoke, there's fire. It's an idiom that holds meaning like a sponge holds water – waiting to be squeezed out. Read more

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Early varieties don't produce as large of pods or even for as long, but they do give a taste of what is to come. This year, the variety I usually plant wasn't available, but the seed company sent a replacement. Read more

Farm - Garden

I, like many wine enthusiasts, love the challenge of finding the right wine to pair with a meal. Many people start with this simple axiom: white wine with white meat; red wine with red meat – not a bad starting place as few things taste better... Read more


In the '70s and early '80s, when my husband and I had our greenhouse operation, we dappled in fruit trees. We did our research, found a nursery in the Prairies and ordered a couple of crabapple trees – four, to be exact. The trees made it through... Read more

Farm - Garden

Sometimes people stumble upon their passions accidentally; such is the case with Sophia Marnik. After studying to become a teacher at McGill University, she came North to the Yukon, in 1996, with an open-ended future in front of her... Read more

Yukon People

It was 1983, following a suggestion by then Whitehorse Mayor, Flo Whyard, that the work of local artists first began being displayed on NorthwesTel phone books. Read more

Yukon Arts

This past May, member artist Joyce Majiski was working with the Co-op's summer student, Jessie Leschart. They measured the room and figured if they gave each artist a space two- feet wide by five-feet across, the room could be filled. Read more

Yukon Arts