Issue: 2009-09-24

It's always fun to be on the lookout for new wines to try, and this past weekend gave me the opportunity to explore two tasty and moderately priced red wines from Italy. They come from less familiar areas of Italy, that nonetheless are making excelle Read more


Jude Wong and I sit facing each other, sipping our coffees. She is nibbling on toast, and I am picking at a muffin – two food staples of dancers. We are talking about SYIDA (Society of Yukon Independent Dance Artists). Read more

Theatre - Dance

Stepping into the Solo Show Room at the Yukon Artists @ Work Co-operative, this month, feels wide open and peaceful. Read more

Yukon Arts

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of The Bob Couchman Yukon Theatre Award. It will recognize the outstanding play, actor, actress and director of Yukon-produced plays, this season. Read more

Theatre - Dance

Pulling together Yukon acts – Speed Control, Twisters, The WiskeyDicks and Ben Mahony – Peters says they will get maximum exposure on the Friday night, Sept. 25. Read more

Yukon Music

Mike Daisey talks. He is a monologist; it's what he does. In a day when we watch our videos in one- and two-minute clips and read messages from our friends in 140 characters or less, Mike Daisey will talk for two hours. Read more

Theatre - Dance

From all reports, this year has been one of the better growing seasons. However, if your green thumb is still itching to do some gardening, here's an experiment you can try to prolong the fun. For a few years, I have been aware that a vegetable... Read more

Farm - Garden

Our farm is backed up against a rock face that collects and holds the sun's heat – a definite plus for gardening up here. My tomato plants weren't covered, either, so they were the first thing I checked when I saw the frost. Read more

Farm - Garden

Picking in the blueberry patch; what could be sweeter? Along waterways and creeks, hillsides and rocky patches, these little blue beauties are worth the hike. This upside-down cake is a nice way to celebrate blueberry season in the North. It is also Read more

The four days I had spent the previous year on the Yukon River, with my friend John, had been a spur-of-the-moment accident. I'd never been in a kayak before and had to borrow half the gear I needed from another encouraging friend. Read more

Yukon Summer