Issue: 2009-10-08

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Welcome back to another fascinating year of astronomy in the Yukon. Bad weather this fall has made it a tough go for Yukon amateur astronomers. But let's back up a bit and catch up on the summertime happenings. In July, our astronomy club, Yukon... Read more


What an eccentric thing is the sky / When at close of day it dances colours for my eyes. What beauty folds itself in swaddling clouds / And wraps horizon in misted shrouds. Where stars turn course, and gaily gleam / Night creeps forth.... Read more

Readers Submissions

I know I get attached to my clothes. Sometimes it can be quite literal, as like most dudes, I would wear my favourite clothing until it disintegrates off my body. Indeed, to the chagrin of my wife, I have an assortment of clothing that really... Read more


The group decides who the characters will be and what their story is. We write monologues which are woven together. At times, the words evoke humour; other times, the words evoke sadness or joy. Read more

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PHOTO: Pat McKenna

The firm texture of Yukon Gold potatoes goes well with fresh corn to deliver a rich flavour in this hearty and healthy soup. Leave the skin on new potatoes as the skins are high in Vitamin C. Yukon-grown potatoes are plentiful now as the digging... Read more

Florian Lemphers sits on the back porch of his Lake Laberge home. This vantage point offers a glorious view of the lake and the fall colours, which are in full bloom. Lemphers rests his feet on a bench and casually sips a cup of coffee (he's... Read more

Yukon People

Hélène Blackburn is looking forward to bringing her contemporary dance company, Cas Public, to the Yukon next week. Read more

Theatre - Dance

The gardening season is rapidly coming to an end, but if you still have an urge to plant something and the snow hasn't reached your area yet, my best suggestion would be to try planting tulips. Tulips, one of the earliest flowers to bloom, are a... Read more

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Amber Walker feels grateful for her lot in life: her husband supports her financially so she can pursue her interests as a visual artist and playwright. Over the past year, in Whitehorse, she has had many opportunities to pursue her artistic ... Read more

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