Issue: 2009-10-15

There are many creative and inspiring ways to celebrate Halloween. This season, cast a welcoming spell on your front entrance. With "treaters" arriving after dusk, your home's entrance is the perfect place to welcome guests with a frightful scare. Read more

Yukon Halloween

The dominant planet in the evening sky is fascinating Jupiter. Located in the early-evening southern sky, it is easily recognizable because it is simply the brightest object in the sky. This giant of the solar system always has something for... Read more


Getting your greenhouse ready for winter may be a matter of just closing the door and walking away, to worry about next spring, but you will be much better prepared for the next gardening season if a few minutes are spent now to winterize the... Read more

Farm - Garden

This is a special column just for you Cheechakos. If you are a Sourdough, you already know this stuff. Flip the page and you will find a delightful column by Rob Millar on how to barbecue tofu. Read more


Some have called Marc Atkinson's music "gypsy jazz". Over the phone line, I could almost feel Atkinson shrug: "It's a common denominator," he says. "The fact that I play the guitar, I get associated with it." Read more

Yukon Music

Have you ever returned from a restaurant and just felt ... satisfied? This is what you can expect from Volare By Antoinette at SKKY Hotel. Read more

Yukon Restaurant Guide

Over the past several weeks, a number of my friends have been asking me when this year's Rendezvous Rotary Club's Wine and Fine Food event will take place. (In the spirit of full disclosure, I am a member of the Rendezvous Rotary Club and love... Read more


I like cycling. Each year when the Tour de France comes on television, I watch in awe and imagine what it would be like to be one of those elite riders, doing time trials and attacking hills day after day. This year, thanks to my good friend Rick, I Read more

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