Issue: 2009-11-12

"It's like apples and oranges," says Bill Coon, a member of Era Bom, as well as having his own Bill Coon Quartet. "You love them both." Read more

Yukon Music

Several weeks ago, the Rotary Club that I belong to held its 18th annual Fine Wine and Food Festival. We had a record turnout and everyone who attended seemed to have a lot of fun. I was working one of the tables, talking about the wines while I pou Read more


Celia McBride will be representing us at the 2010 Olympics, in Vancouver. Is she a curler? or a luger? Neither, actually. She's a local playwright with an incredible opportunity on her hands. As the host country of next year's Olympics, Canada has... Read more

Yukon People

As a young boy, I was sophisticated enough that, when given the choice of a chocolate bar or MacIntosh Toffee, I would always go for the "Mack." Read more


As thrilled as Daphne Mennell was to be commissioned to build a sculpture for Whitehorse's new Public Safety Building, it is an experience she wants to share with all Yukoners. Read more

Yukon Arts


Issue: 2008-12-04

As winter sets in, the planets are making a spectacular showing. In the morning hours, the planet Venus is clearly visible even at 7 a.m. While waiting to take the bus to work in the morning, I happen to look to the eastern horizon and, much to my... Read more


After presenting Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, one of the most well-known plays of the post-modern era, the Guild Theatre follows with the world premiere of Yukon writer Patti Flather's play, The Soul Menders. Read more

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