Issue: 2009-11-19

Patti Flather is sitting at a coffee shop talking about how much fun it is to write strong roles for actors over 40. "There's just not enough of that in theatre or film." She sometimes wonders who tells their stories. Read more

Theatre - Dance


Issue: 2009-11-19

One of my favourite traditions of the holiday season is planting containers of amaryllis bulbs. The amaryllis is a beautiful and fascinating bulb. Among the easiest of bulbs to grow indoors, the amaryllis is enjoyed for the incredible trumpet... Read more

Yukon Christmas

"Skis?" you say. I say, "Yup, that was me out there in a snowmobile suit, a fly rod and a set of cross-country skis, need I mention on some very thin ice on Fox Lake." Read more

Yukon Winter

Normally we just have laying hens in the barn, over the winter, so the chores take almost no time at all. But this year we have kept four of the geese and we also got two new piglets just after Thanksgiving. Read more

Farm - Garden

We heard a story a while back about an artist who had a sculpture exhibit going on at a gallery. Near the entry door to the gallery, the artist placed a coat rack. Read more

, Beverages

Last month marked a very important event in my life: I've been a Yukoner for 20 years. Of course, we all understand that I didn't become a Sourdough until eight months later, when I saw the Yukon River break up. Read more


There are signs of seasons changing that we all can recognize: falling leaves and boarded windows... Read more

Dawson City

Within half an hour of drinking coffee at Umbellula Café, Deanna Slonski had said hello to seven people. "Well, with the kids growing up here and volunteering and my line of work ..." she says with a shrug and slightly embarrassed smile...." Read more

Yukon Arts


Issue: 2012-02-16

This time of year I am frequently asked the same question: "What is the best gift for someone who wants to get into astronomy and wants to see more than what binoculars can offer?" A box store special telescope is a bad choice for a Christmas... Read more


There is nothing like ginger for spicing things up. Fresh, candied, pickled in syrup or dried; all forms of ginger are pungent, fragrant and especially aromatic when in the oven baking. Read more