Issue: 2009-12-03

Barbara Chamberlin is loving the wordplay surrounding the Whitehorse Community Choir's upcoming Christmas show, Christmas Caliente. "It's music to warm your soul," she says deliciously. "To warm your Christmas." Read more

Yukon Music

"We're a productive bunch!" said Claire Eamer when she was asked to attend the Yukon Authors book-signing bash at Mac's Fireweed Books this Saturday, Dec. 5, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Read more


I was excited to get going on a great un-day walkabout. We hadn't been on a good adventure for a while due to my week-long flu. During that time, the only walking we got in was to the neighborhood movie store and back. Read more

Yukon Winter

I love Christmas ... the lights that light up Main Street, the smells of Christmas baking, the excitement of wrapping up secrets and putting them under the tree. I love just about everything about Christmas ... except the commercialization of it. Read more

Yukon Archives

Sometime near the end of October, I was making pumpkin soup with a friend of mine. There was one missing ingredient: fish sauce. We meticulously sifted through the shelves of a local grocery store, but came up empty-handed. Read more

Yukon Local Business


Issue: 2009-12-03

This full-spectrum flowering plant often blooms just twice per year (most commonly prior to Easter and then again at Christmas), making this prodigious blooming plant symbolic of the nearing of Christmas. Read more

Yukon Christmas

Blue is more than a colour. And that is why Whitehorse United Church minister, Beverly Brazier, is planning another Blue Christmas service. "Often when your life isn't at all like a Hallmark Christmas card ..." Read more

Health and Wellness

Hockey players can craft, too. That is the message from Arlin McFarlane, artistic director for Yukon Educational Theatre's Inzanity Wing, the backbone behind this year's new Santa Parade "Winterval." Read more

Theatre - Dance

It is a time when the boss -- "the man" -- has no influence and the workers can freely enjoy good company, good beer and good talk. In Whitehorse, the workers have a place, too. It is The Red Square. Read more


December is, as always, an action-packed viewing experience full of discovery and adventure for all Yukon amateur astronomers. There are dazzling delights for anyone with binoculars or a telescope and the inclination to look up. All we need now is... Read more


Where will the ravens all gather now that the tree tops are gone? Where will they hatch their nefarious schemes Read more


With the drop in temperatures, the shorter days and the recent snowfall, I am reminded that we are headed into the holiday season. Few places give me more of that happy feeling, of the anticipation of Winter Solstice, Chanukah, Christmas... Read more


Arts Underground was packed on Nov. 20. Not only was the Yukon Art Society Christmas show opening, but Yukon Women in Music was holding a fundraising auction there, the same night. Local artists and businesses had decorated birdhouses ... Read more

Yukon Arts


It was chilly morning at the far south end of Teslin Lake that mid-August morning, a reminder that it was going to be an early fall. There were a few of them that year; waterfowl were starting to gather in larger groups as they prepared for the annua Read more

Yukon Hunting - Fishing

Over 30 years ago, in a moment of impulsive insanity, my partner and his best friend walked off into the Vizcaino Desert in Baja, California. For three days they walked without map or compass. They had only the water they could carry and two blanket Read more

Travel Outside

If your family or circle of friends didn't harvest any bison this fall, don't despair as bison is now available in local grocery stores. As steaks, ground mince or roasts, bison is a high source of protein, iron and B vitamins. Read more