Issue: 2009-12-10

After a two-year hiatus, the Rainbow column has returned. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance (GALA), without an active board to keep it running, had gone into a one-year dormancy period; however, GALA is once again an active group and has some interesting Read more

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Kissing underneath the mistletoe is among the most favourite of traditions celebrated during the holiday season. But where did this unique symbol of the season come from? The interesting telltale folklore of the mistletoe dates back well into the Vi Read more

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In Philadelphia to attend a science-fiction convention, I received an email telling me that a young gay teen, Jorge Lopez Mercado had been dismembered, partially burned and decapitated in Puerto Rico. Read more


Within the realm of possibility lies the fact that my eyes may not be equal to their youthful power. But, but ... but I had laser eye surgery just three years ago. They aren't bionic, but they're the next best thing. You would think that for $1,600, Read more

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Barring the whole atheism thing, I swear on a giant stack of Bibles that the next paragraph is completely true. Scanning the BBC News website recently, one article in particular leapt out and grabbed my attention. It seems that Father Gabriel... Read more


I was lucky enough to be able to see The Soul Menders twice. Because of travel plans, I had to miss opening night and reviewed a dress rehearsal, instead, with all the rules about certain things I couldn't talk about. Read more

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As audience members at the Yukon Arts Centre allow the Christmas tradition of Nutcracker to wash over them – joined, for the first time, by an audience in Dawson City – it would be interesting ... production of the Northern Lights School of Dance.... Read more

Theatre - Dance

As December begins, we reflect on the "High Lights" of November. Unsettled weather, with cloudy nights, high winds and snow flurries, offered few good opportunities for observing. From the observer's log ... After being "closed down" for five... Read more


As the Christmas and holiday season roll around, several friends have asked me for gift suggestions for the wine enthusiasts on their gift list. Without knowing the wine tastes of their enthusiast friends, I am hesitant to suggest a particular... Read more


Simple ingredients: butter, sugar and flour make up real old-fashioned shortbread. While variations on these basic ingredients are many, the real McCoy is hard to beat. The trick is in the kneading; you really can't knead shortbread too much... Read more

My eyes were closed as my teeth rested in the juicy, flavourful shawarma. It was beautifully spiced and juicy meat, wrapped in a warm pita along with lettuce, hummus, tomatoes and a homemade Tarator sauce. I was instantly transported back in time... Read more

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Nicholas Mah is obsessed with music. But obsessions are good: "You know how, when you are an adolescent, you can get obsessed with things?" he asks. "For me, it was music. All I wanted to do was to be a professional guitar player." Read more

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