Issue: 2010-01-28

I feel sorry for the screeners who work for airport security. And it's not just because they are forever in a no-win situation, where every commonsense decision to save someone hassle increases the danger on board the aircraft – "If we don't take kn Read more


Darcy Laliberty is living proof that friendship goes as far as it takes. The Yukon Brewing Company sales rep is organizing the Jessica Frotten Mobility Fundraiser. Read more

Making A Difference!

Nina Arsenault warns me that she's not about to tell the "typical" transsexual story to Nakai Theatre's Pivot Festival audiences. You know the story, she says, "Her name is Barbara, she used to be Markus, she never felt right in her own body.... Read more

Yukon Arts

Ron James used to be the spokesman for Texas tourism for three years on CNN. "It was during George Bush senior's term. I can imagine Saddam Hussein, who watched CNN all the time, really getting to know my face." Read more

Yukon Arts

Hazel Venzon is holed up in Porter Creek when she Skypes me. She's been in Whitehorse since December working on her play. "Vancouver has a lot of distractions," she says, waving her hands a bit to either side of the screen. Read more

Yukon Arts

Some people see a cabinet, a wardrobe or even a bookshelf and see pieces of furniture. Others go beyond the basic use and see former trees, a forest of art, even in the most utilitarian piece of wood-worked furniture. Read more

Yukon Arts

The daybreak cacophony of squawks and splashes sounded like it was inches away from our tent. We had just spent our first night on the beach in Playa El Burro, Bahia Conception on the Sea of Cortez, about two thirds down the eastern coast of the Baj Read more