Issue: 2010-02-04

I visited Germany once. My brother was stationed there with the Canadian Army and he was dating a German lady, Gabi, who is now my sister-in-law. Germany has the Autobahn, but she took us along slow, winding roads with achingly beautiful scenes.... Read more

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PHOTO: Pat McKenna

Wild meat, made into sausage, is a versatile protein food that can be used in all kinds of healthy dishes. Caribou, moose, bison and elk make great sausage and are a popular way to use the bounty of hunting. Read more


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Now, every gardener has their tricks or tried-and-true methods with seedlings. And no matter how long someone has been gardening, there is always something more that can be learnt. So here are a few of my tricks: Read more

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Issue: 2009-02-12

As the month of February begins, many people resort to moving indoors and miss one of the greatest light shows ever to be seen. The night skies are alive with cosmic happenings waiting to be discovered and explored. In the early evening hours, ... Read more


He calls it, "The Lenny Moment." "I found myself frozen as music played the way I've never heard it before," says Pierre Brault, a veteran Canadian playwright and actor who has performed in operas and Shakespearean and contemporary plays. Read more

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Dean Eyre sits on a stool in the middle of his newly purchased bike shop on Wood Street. A man as passionate as Eyre deserves to own a place like this: "There's something nice about going somewhere and knowing that you used your own muscles to get... Read more

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A powerful film about grassroots-level punk music in a religion not traditionally open to diverse musical tastes, Islam, blends with a heartfelt, passionate documentary following a young woman with cystic fibrosis. Read more

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