Issue: 2010-02-11

The hallowed halls of learning are hushed, today ... Bell has been teaching band for 11 years – 10 of them at PCSS. She is also the originator the Dessert & Dance event to raise funds for student, parent and community band members. Read more

Yukon Music

"You can't read the Avalanche Conditions Report and make it apply to backcountry skiing," Jennifer Magnuson warns me. She's the communication analyst for the Department of Highways and Public Works. Read more

Yukon Arts

Hockey and Valentines. Although it doesn't have quite the same ring to it as "love and marriage" and it doesn't seem to go together like a "horse and carriage," the two have come together ... Read more

Making A Difference!

Last Saturday evening, a friend of mine invited me and several of my co-workers to dinner at her cozy little apartment. My friend is an artist, and her work and her exploratory nature have taken her all over the Pacific Rim. Along the way she... Read more


Lara Melnik, queen of craft fairs and cafés, has created an intricate and colourful show of work in polymer clay at the Yukon Arts Centre Public Art Gallery. If February seems black and white and grey to you, Polychrome could be the antidote. Read more

Yukon Arts

Clinton Walker, the director brought up from Toronto for The Laramie Project, has made me chili. Little triangles of toasted bread sit next to the bowl. Read more

Theatre - Dance

The weight of Misty, our 20-year-old cat, curled up on my lap, has never been felt more. She loves the fact that I work from home and, other than being in front of the fireplace or sitting in one of three windows.... Read more

Yukoners Pets

What is Valentine's Day without chocolate? Cut into heart shapes and sprinkled with a dusting of icing sugar, these are moist and not too sweet. They make a nice presentation on a dessert tray or a happy surprise in a lunch bag. Read more