Issue: 2010-02-25

Which APTN programs do you like to watch? Would you watch them online? What do you like most about our network? What would you change if you could? We want to know. Read more

Photography - Film

Let's look at some creative, perhaps unconventional ways to begin sentences: ... Start with intrigue: Stone cold, he passed from this life. White. Stiff. But smiling. Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

My last column should certainly have made it clear that I was thinking about actual physical relocation rather than a tug at the heart stings. Read more

Dawson City

Even in 2010, the fear that gay people have is strong. The play, concerning the 1998 brutal beating, torture and abandonment of Matthew Shepard on a fence outside of Laramie, Wyoming, because he was gay, can't help but hit gays and lesbians.... Read more

Theatre - Dance

They hang at angles from the walls at Arts Underground, so light shines though them. The colours resound. They're larger than much of her previous work, giving the artist's commitment to a loose and gestural mark a wider field to play in. Read more

Yukon Arts

Nesta Leduc's 1962 journey north, punctuated the remoteness of her new home in the Yukon: "It was a six-hour flight to get up here from Vancouver," she says, "we had to stop in Williams Lake, Prince George, Fort St. John and Watson Lake first... Read more

Yukon People

Garbanzo beans, although relatively bland, have a rich texture that can be easily perked up with herbs and spices. For vegetarians, legumes are a standard source of protein, so variety in the bean preparation is always welcome. Read more

There are legends – those men and women who left their mark on the Klondike ... Read more

Yukon Winter

Once I decided that not to ride was just plain wrong, I had to decide what kind of motorcycle to get. Not even knowing how to ride meant my criteria was practical rather than heart-driven. I wanted a deal, a second-hand bike that I wouldn't cry over Read more

Yukon Outside