Issue: 2010-03-04

In 1992, I watched the Blue Jays play at SkyDome. This was the season they would win their first World Series and the stadium was finally filling up after 15 years. Sitting just beyond first base, I winced as a ball bounced off the tip of John Olerud Read more

Yukon Active

Polar bears, narwhal, wolves and sasquatches? Canada's Northern House, a premier showcase of all things Yukon and Northern at the Olympics, could not miss a chance to show off a little rockabilly jump-jive to a packed house. Read more

Yukon Arts

If anyone deserves an equatorial break from winter, it is us, the North-of-60ers. Other than those living above treeline, we have been darker and colder for longer than any other Canadians. And, justifying a warm break is not hard, if one is fortuna Read more

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Issue: 2010-03-04

Where are the Northern Lights? The answer as far as I can tell is two-fold. First, we have been pummelled with atrocious weather and, second, most of the Northern Light activity seems to be taking place in the High Arctic... Read more


I remember where I was when I first heard Frank Zappa. It was 1980 and I was at C.F.B. Borden; Joe's Garage Act I was blasting out of a buddy's tent. I drew near, sat down and listened right to the end. Read more

Yukon Music

What is it that keeps a heart going? Well, aside from the obvious flesh-and-blood answers, it's spirit ... spirit that lives on when loved ones have passed on. And that is why a former Yukon Quest musher, Michelle Phillips ... Read more

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