Issue: 2010-03-11

The fast-paced world we live in means that not only do we have online banking and shopping, but we also have online dating. The old traditional ways of meeting people obviously still exist, but because the Internet has connected us in such profound Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

I shall, from time to time, give to the readers of What's Up Yukon information about the state of this arts and recreation paper. This lead paragraph was ripped off from Article II, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution because I feel such an examinati Read more


Our copyeditor for What's Up Yukon recently sent an e-mail to me, where she related that she had stumbled across an alternate definition for the word "Methuselah". She cited the online dictionary where it said: Methuselah Read more


She's leaving behind her sterile, affluent, predictable world and putting herself in the hands of the White Rabbit — who is late for an "important" date. Once in that world, she is looking for a way home. She is, in Daniel Janke's words, "the archety Read more

Photography - Film



With every passing day, we do get closer to spring and there are signs starting to show. Like the hillside behind us. Areas of it have no snow on them anymore. And soon, even before all of the snow is gone, there will be crocuses. Read more

Farm - Garden

The fox emerges tentatively from under the Waterfront Building, making a quick, furtive survey Read more


I've been hiding from most people these days. Not from the usual retreat into my hermitage as I'm generally wont to do - oh no. I've become somewhat of a pariah. Here's the thing – I didn't like Avatar. Read more


Dawson's council got to talking about bylaws and boardwalks the other day and one councillor made the comment that there didn't seem to be any point in keeping our boardwalks clear in the winter because it appeared that nobody used them anyway. Read more

Dawson City

If food defines a culture, I shudder to think about the people defined by Guerrero Negro's demon street food from hell. We'd pulled into town late, just as it was getting dark. Having read in the Lonely Planet Guide to Baja California that the stree Read more

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