Issue: 2010-03-18

In the queer community, gays and lesbians fall along a spectrum that makes them "identifiable" as a gay person. Lesbians can be anything from very feminine to extremely masculine, as can gay men. Very effeminate gay men are flamers and really mascul Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

I was disturbed to see a local writer publicly disapproving of how the Mount Maichen Ski Hill is operated. Her article depicts this hill as a poorly run, poor excuse for a ski hill. Strangely, this author is from the very community she defiles. Read more

Watson Lake

March is one of the most active months for Yukon amateur astronomers. And, this year, we have a visitor making our observing sessions all the more memorable. The timing and location of this visitor is perfect. And who is this cosmic visitor you ask? Read more


Man, could I ever have used a Rendezvous this year. The past month was a particularly dark sinkhole of a time for yours truly, and unfortunately these flatlanders in the town they call "Toon", only seem to get together and celebrate when the... Read more


Our cool northern climate is similar to conditions in Ireland where so many potatoes (with Irish eyes) grow plentifully. Yukon Gold potatoes, along with the humble cabbage, are the ingredients for a simple, satisfying and cheap soup. Accompanied... Read more

Next week (March 25 to 27), we're going to have the second instalment of last year's popular Doors Open Dawson event, in which locals and visitors get to walk through a selection of ... Read more

Dawson City

Kip Veale is right at home among the throngs of people who are participating in Rendezvous at Shipyard's Park. As Yukoners celebrate the coming of spring and the longer hours of daylight, Veale stands outside a large camping tent. She engages... Read more

Yukon People

It was a very nice sink for the bathroom that would have felt neglected, if a bathroom had feelings at all, after heaps of praise were offered to our spa bathroom in "The Addition". Daisy had been in Home Hardware when she saw the sink ... Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

So imagine my surprise when she announced this spring she was going to try gardening. I asked her what vegetables she was going to plant and was amazed at how long her list was. Most of what she wants to plant is fairly easy to take care of, which is Read more

Farm - Garden

This month, a visit to Arts Underground will take you into the process of a fibre artist. Throughout the show, photos are pinned to the wall over a small piece of fabric, beside the pieces that grew out of them. It's fun to trace these images ... Read more

Yukon Arts

The red beech trees swayed in a mysterious way shielding my view from the Kings Throne. Ah, the chalk cliffs of RĂ¼gen, songs should be written about them. These sheer, almost tooth-like cliffs face the Baltic Sea, which can be emerald green, but was Read more

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