Issue: 2010-03-25

I have been voraciously reading David Sedaris' books for a few weeks now. There are few writers who can make me laugh so hard that the tears stream down my face. He has such a quirky worldview. Sedaris is Greek, he is also gay; either of those coul Read more


"Don Juan? I love Don Juan," said my fiancée when I asked her if she wanted to see The Erotic Anguish of Don Juan at the Yukon Arts Centre. She loves Don Juan? I don't get it. Don Juan was a cad who used women and left them. I would have been just a Read more

Theatre - Dance

Each of us can be excused for overstating that which we are passionate about. But there was something in Mike Gladish's tone that suggested he really did mean it when he told me that cross-country skiing is the best exercise activity ever. As the ma Read more

Yukon Winter

Besides hearing jazz played as tight as only a quartet of professionals can, the Jazz Yukon audience Sunday night will enjoy a spectacle. Have you seen the Hammond B-3 organ at The Cellar? Well, you will see it played by jazz veteran Mike LeDonne Read more

Yukon Music

The myth of the early spring: superstitious people are reluctant to talk about it, like saying "Candyman" into the mirror three times. But, maybe spring has arrived (knock on wood). Read more

Yukon Communities

There are strange things done on the Percy run when the mushers hit the trail. Read more

Dawson City

On the day we met to discuss the 11th Dawson City International Short Film Festival, producer Dan Sokolowski was just finishing getting the 40-page program into final shape to go to the printers. Read more

Photography - Film

In between, author Randall Maggs creates a biography of poems that takes readers on the roller coaster ride that was the life of the greatest goalie of the original six National Hockey League teams. Read more


Face plants in spaghetti, snow wars and, in "more peaceable times", snow angels ... It's all part of the fun at the band retreat for F.H. Collins and Porter Creek secondary schools Grade 8 students. Read more

Yukon Music