Issue: 2010-04-01

The dictionary defines "comfort" as being at ease ... so "uncomfortable" is a lack of ease. That doesn't sound too bad. There are worse things to feel, I suspect, than a lack of ease. Why am I boring you with this? Because the school in Mississippi Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

If your exposure to children's entertainment has only been Saturday morning television, you can be forgiven for thinking that it must be fast-clipped, obvious and pander to whatever is hot. The Sursaut Dance Company has found this does not have to b Read more

Yukon Arts

With all this wonderful warm weather, there is a price to pay for amateur astronomers in the Yukon. As a springtime rule, warm weather brings cloudy and unstable skies. Every once in a while though, we get a break, and the next thing you know you ar Read more


Small towns are different than cities in many ways, which includes how one interacts with fellow community members. People get nestled into their relatively small social world, know everyone, and become small-town yokels. Read more

Yukon Communities

When Ellen Brian talks, she looks you in the eye. She speaks in well-constructed sentences and, when she finds something funny, she laughs naturally. Brian strikes those who meet her as down-to-earth. With this in mind, some might be surprised to... Read more

Yukon People

The pussy willows are out! Willows are one of the first plants to show any signs of life in the spring. Read more

Farm - Garden

Several weeks ago, I mentioned OTBN, or "Open That Bottle Night"; on Saturday, Feb. 27, I had a small dinner at my cabin to celebrate it. Many of us have a special bottle that we have bought, or been given, and saved for a special occasion; so the... Read more


I can explain why I find it so fascinating: I don't play online games, I don't watch sports and I don't read fiction. Why would I need to, when this health care debate had it all – strategy, an interesting cast of characters, winners, losers, twists Read more

Health and Wellness

Creative magic – the kind that turns charcoal-pencilled drawings into animation – that's the magic of KINO (the German word for "film"). Edward Westerhuis says he's the "official unofficial organizer" of KINO ... the momentum behind KINO Returns. Read more