Issue: 2010-04-08

Art is for the people. But sometimes, the art is by the people. This is exactly what Daphne Mennell has in mind for her art installation outside of the Public Safety Building in Whitehorse. When completed, it will be a horse ... Read more

Yukon Arts

''It's a huge show," Todd Duckworth the director tells me. Twenty people in the cast, four in the band. "When you see 20 people stretched out in a line on stage singing their hearts out — it's pretty impressive. Read more

Theatre - Dance

There's been a bit of drama going on in the comedy world I now live in. A certain headlining comic was caught red-handed (mouthed?) stealing material from two other comics. Both jokes were told on stage word-for-word, so there's absolutely no... Read more


There's a gorgeous new gallery in town. You climb the stairs at the back of Triple J's Music's new location, past a potter's wheel, past walls lovingly embellished with graffiti, past a purple bicycle with a purple-patterned velvet banana seat. Read more

Yukon Local Business