Issue: 2010-04-15

Seeing Melisa Devost perform at The Old Fire Hall Friday, April 16, or at Atlin's Globe Theatre on the 19th, you will be contributing to her "success". "I can ride on my skills to travel and see family," she explains over the phone. And, while she h Read more

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It's time for Spring Cleaning. But what is a guy to do, when he isn't a pack rat and he keeps his few belongings well-organized? Well, everybody has that one place that is overstuffed with stuff. Consider it a "pressure release valve" if you will, s Read more


This is a story about the omnichord. It was manufactured by Suzuki as a toy version of an autoharp. It has a touch plate for major, minor and diminished chords. As the advertising tells us, "Anyone can learn to play it!" Read more

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In Charlotte Diamond's 25 years as a children's entertainer, she knows a few things about entertaining children. She knows that modern children need to move around. Read more

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Who among us hasn't, at one time or another, gazed upon a bird in flight and marvelled at it ... or even wondered what it would be like to fly? Ducks Unlimited calls us to do more than just wonder ... Read more

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Oktay Ortakcioglu Ratoath IRL

Some of these gardeners have been dealing with the challenges of our Yukon weather for decades. And when something stumps me, I ask questions, just like I did with those experienced gardening neighbours in Saskatchewan. Read more

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The first to arrive are the fair-weather Northerns, returning from southern winter retreats. These people are the envy of town, blessed with living the dream of eternal summer, bouncing between the southern Canada/USA or Caribbean and the Yukon's Read more

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Dogs really need to get out and check their messages on a daily basis, in the same way that we humans need to go to the post office or check our e-mail on a regular basis. Read more

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In Canada, the number of people over the age of 65 has doubled since 1951. Our life expectancy has increased dramatically and now sits at an average of 80 years. Given these statistics, resources for our ageing population has become an issue of impo Read more

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