Issue: 2010-05-20

Summer is finally upon us. We come out of our houses blinking at the increased daylight like a bunch of groundhogs. Whitehorse feels more vibrant. People are leisurely walking around amazed that it stays light past 5 o'clock. Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

It's Monday afternoon and Evelyn Pollock answers the telephone at the office of the Dawson City Chamber of Commerce. This catches me off stride as I had been expecting to be asked to leave a voice mail message. I know that Evelyn only works mornings Read more

Dawson City

Hey, Yukon! It's gardening time! Time to get that greenhouse ready! If your greenhouse has a supplementary heating system, chances are you've already begun planting, and your greenhouse is up and running. For those people whose greenhouses lack a... Read more

Farm - Garden


Issue: 2008-12-04

As the end of May approaches, and June begins, we notice darkness at midnight. Living in the 60-degree latitude and above means that in the months of June, July and the first week of August, the sky doesn't even get truly dark. Does this mean that... Read more


Caili Steel is full of good news when we meet at Klondike Kate's for coffee and a chat during that restaurant's opening afternoon. Read more

Dawson City

Eric Epstein and I are sitting in the black box — the creative centre of the Guild Theatre — the room that can become anything, which has become everything. He reflects back on his last 10 years with the Guild. As he steps out of the position.... Read more

Theatre - Dance

A map of Western Canada lies open on the dash. It's a hot Mother's Day afternoon when Kim Beggs and Natalie Edelson roll into the North Okanagan town of Armstrong. They're weary from that day's 550-kilometre drive from Cochrane, Alberta ... Read more

Yukon Music

May's "First Friday" walk in Juneau, Alaska included 10 art openings and events downtown in the state capital. At the Canvas Community Art Studio and Gallery on Seward Street, a group of five Southeast Alaskan glass artists offered a whimsical ... Read more


I met an expectant mother the other day and I asked if they had picked out a name yet. When she said, no, they haven't, I tried to be helpful by suggesting that a good name would be "Darrell". She received this assistance in the worst way ... Read more