Issue: 2010-05-27

There has been a lot of emphasis among gay advocates lately to show that gay families are healthy and normal and that children raised in gay/lesbian households are as happy and well-adjusted as any other kids. Read more

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By the time you read this, I will sitting on my brother's back deck where it is 40 degrees in the shade. My fiancé and I are heading to Arizona to tie the knot in his back yard as he and his wife stand up for us, and my niece officiates. And I know Read more


Nathalie Ouellet was feeling the usual letdown after returning from a European vacation, when she saw an advertisement for the Foreign Correspondent Contest in What's Up Yukon. "I love writing when I travel," she says. "It re-enforces the experience Read more

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Did you know that banana peels and eggshells help to make your tomatoes grow? When buried in the bottom of a planter or spread around the roots of your tomato plants as you transplant them into the greenhouse, fresh banana peels act as... Read more

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A Nominee for Best Crime Novel: Arctic Blue Death, by R. J. Harlick (RendezVous Crime) This is a murder story that has a bit of a twist. Read more


As I mentioned in my last article, I have been invited to develop a wine list for a restaurant that a neighbour of mine plans to open in the next four to six weeks. I was interested, and flattered, that she wanted my input. Read more


I've visited this subject before, but another one of our buildings is due to be plaqued on June 5, so it seems time to bring it up to date. Read more

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This year we were able to get on to the garden sooner that usual. Al cleared the snow off sometime in mid-March which allowed the garden to warm up quicker. Read more

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Last month, he completed his treatment, aside from a few drugs that he will keep taking until the end of the year. We are confident that the treatment was successful. We are celebrating by becoming involved with the Motorcycle Ride For Dad, Canada's Read more

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