Issue: 2010-06-03

When foodies get restless, they debate "the $100 hamburger". It's an intellectual exercise that asks the question, "What would you have to do to justify charging $100 for a hamburger?" Read more

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By becoming active in your garden, you have the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors while feeling good about yourself and your garden. Gardening is a wonderful way to work all of the major muscle groups and even lose a few pounds... Read more

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With the hot weather this past Victoria Day weekend, I planted all my vegetable seeds. But my vegetable transplants are still getting the deluxe care treatment, kept in a cold frame or the greenhouse until I'm sure the last of the frost is past... Read more

Farm - Garden

In light of the 18th Annual Great Alaska Craft Beer and Homebrew Festival, which took place in Haines, Alaska, this past weekend, we thought that we would dedicate this article to defining what exactly a makes a craft beer unique... Read more


I can't thank each of What's Up Yukon's readers personally for their patience as I try to find my way through this stint as guest editor. Read more

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Summertime is here, and it is going to be a rip-snorting good time, astronomically speaking, that is. Let's get started with holidays and star parties. If you heading out of the territories for the summer, take a few minutes before you leave, and... Read more


Katherine McCallum is sitting on the couches of the Guild Hall, the place the audience gathers before a show begins, that place of anticipation. She's talking to me about magic. "Theatre magic. It's why I wanted to produce in the first place...." Read more

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Without "of," writers would most certainly be rendered impotent in prose, poetry and all other genres. Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

In the ODDGallery, Keith Langergraber's show, Partially Buried, sets up a dialogue between the kind of objects you might find out on the land and drawings of those objects. Langergraber is currently in Dawson teaching a "Field School" ,,, Read more

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Along with the crocuses, up come new buds on 'artemisia frigida', better known as wild sage. Aromatic, especially when crushed, sage is a silver-grey-green member of the mint family. Gather these lacy leaves from local hilltops and make this warm... Read more

Yukon Film Society's Firehall Films series has an exciting lineup this month. On Thursday, June 3, the evening leads off at 6:45 pm with Petropolis: Aerial Perspectives on the Alberta Tar Sands. It's a fascinating 45-minute documentary from award-win Read more

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