Issue: 2010-07-01

June was a bad month to be a human. First, we all watched with horror as Armando Galarraga's perfect game was stolen from him, at the 27th out, by ... human error. Read more

Yukon Active

His story is yet another in the summertime crop of comic books or old TV series adapted into films, this time one of DC Comics' longest running, but lesser-known series. Maybe that's because it features a protagonist from out of the American West, ra Read more

Photography - Film

Gwaandak Theatre is putting on a reading series this summer featuring three plays written by First Nations playwrights, borrowing the skills of some local First Nation actors — some who are brand new to the theatre stage. Read more

Theatre - Dance

Syd Cannings has been studying bugs and other natural wonders since he was a boy growing up in the Okanagan Valley. Looking for dragonflies has taken him to lots of marshy ponds and wetlands. Read more


A gritty, plain alley is transformed into an artist's studio, with ever-shifting shadows to complement the portraits. Morgan "Mo" Whibley is the photographer that makes the mundane magic and the ordinary into something fleeting and original. Read more

Yukon Arts

Dawson City was founded on the glitter of gold and, so, it is no surprise that the yellow metal gets mentioned a great deal here. Read more

Dawson City

If you are like many people trying to grow tomatoes in pots on the patio, the windy conditions we've been having hasn't helped the growth rate of even the hardiest tomato varieties. Carrying the plants into the confines of a warm house for the... Read more

Farm - Garden

One of Whitehorse's favourite Christmas craft fairs has reproduced. About 40 different craft makers, artists, authors and artisans will showcase their work at the Yukon Crafts Society's Artisans' Market Gift Shop this summer. Read more

Yukon Arts