Issue: 2010-07-08

Teslin Concert in the Park is a three-day event, July 9 to 11. Last year, it was a one-day event. Two years ago, one evening. "I think a three-day vision is what it will be all about," says Nataschaa Chatterton, the event co-ordinator. Read more


Running a restaurant in a hotel comes with one priority: good food to help guests start their day. And, remember, guests come from all over the world, so the food can't be too "out there" and the staples need to be covered: eggs and burgers. But ma Read more

Yukon Food & Drink

These days, whenever I drive past Home Hardware, I throw my head back and laugh. You see, I am now a renter. Yup, most of my adult life, I have owned a home (well, the bank and I did) and, so, most of my adult life I have always needed to buy top Read more


With Speed Control's new CD, The A.D.D. Sides, Peters, the one-time drummer in jazz bands The Peters-Drury Quartet and New Orleans North, the screamo/post-hardcore Friend Called Five, Read more

Yukon Music

Want to proudly face your beer bottle label forward at parties this summer? Purchasing an organic beer is one way to do just that. When it comes to the environmental impact of drinking beer, the three biggies are transportation of product and... Read more


Kali and Sienna are going to be brood pigs, but first they needed to go and have a visit with Boris, the boar. Read more

Farm - Garden

Understanding good greenhouse techniques encourages healthy plant growth and, as the growing season is well on its way, it would be a good time to reassess your plants' performance to see if there are areas which can be tweaked for better results... Read more

Farm - Garden

Joyce Majiski swears she put the columns up two years ago, and yet, as if I've just been given x-ray glasses, this is the first time I've noticed them. Five columns of various earth-tone colours, with metal rings girding their middles.... Read more

Yukon Arts

Every book needs a story, even a cookbook, and Miche Genest's Boreal Gourmet, released this month by Harbour Publishing, is just that. Read more


Thanks to the Yukon Film Society, Whitehorse has its own de facto repertory cinema, in the form of the once-monthly Fire Hall Films series, shown at The Old Fire Hall at the foot of Main Street. Read more

Photography - Film

The queer community in the Yukon is full of creative and innovative people doing interesting projects in the areas of the arts and business. One of our local lesbians is a filmmaker named Heidy Enka, who has written and directed a film called Trauma Read more

Photography - Film