Issue: 2010-07-15

Over 100 planes will be in the Yukon this weekend as the Century Flight Club heads for Whitehorse, its first destination event following last year's successful cross-country trek. Read more

Yukon History

When these planes pass through an airfield, they gulp up 20,000 litres of aviation fuel. It takes a total of two hours to watch them fly overhead. When they are on the ground, wingtip to wingtip, that's one kilometre of aircraft. Read more

Yukon History

Ask any parent, and they will tell you that the worst of all tragedies – the absolute worst – is to experience the death of their child. It happened to a member of our What's Up Yukon family last year. Shari and Scott Morash lost their son on the Read more

Making A Difference!

"This is a celebration of all kinds of parks," says Hillarie Zimmermann, external relations manager with Parks Canada. "Territorial parks, city parks, community parks ... anywhere people enjoy the outside." After 125 years of enjoying these parks, Read more

Yukon Summer

Hefeweizens are fantastic for a number of reasons, but we would like to start off with what Rachel thinks is the most important: they are riddled with scandal and intrigue. That's right folks. Remember when we talked about the Bavarian Purity Law... Read more


Gwaandak Theatre reads the two-act play tonight, Wednesday, July 14, in the last of its Aboriginal playwrights-infused Summer Reading Series. What's the play about? In the words of Pat St. Germain.... Read more

Yukon Arts

I noticed a lot of bees while I was pulling up the radishes that had bolted. Even after the plants were on the wheelbarrow, bees were still harvesting the pollen. I couldn't help but wonder what radish honey would taste like, but I guess it would Read more

Farm - Garden

Tana Silverland didn't ask for any attention, but she's learning quickly that it has a way of finding her. The British ex-pat, who used to be a university administrator in Cambridge, England, is about to embark on a two-and-a-half-year bicycle... Read more

Yukon People

Last week, I spotted a ladybug while visiting a garden in Dawson City. It was rather exciting to see a ladybug that far North and, not being a resident there, I asked whether sighting ladybugs is a frequent occurrence or rather something unusual... Read more

Farm - Garden

Counting down to the Buffy Sainte-Marie concert that will be the prologue to this year's Dawson City Music Festival, producer/artistic director Tim Jones... Read more

Dawson City

You should give away your bike ... I'm talking about your old one – the one that is sitting unused in your shed or garage because you have taken advantage of the new technology and upgraded to lighter and faster. Read more

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