Issue: 2010-08-05

So, with its new CD, A Chilling End to a High School Romance, being released at Foxy's Cabaret Friday, Aug. 6, the question is asked: Does the digital package have a synergy with the band's live performance? Read more

Yukon Music

I've never met Tytus Hardy, or Tess or Lymond Hardy. But I know for a fact that they are good people ... smart, caring and adventurous. I know this, unequivocally, because I knew their Dad. Read more

Yukon People

The trio experiments with a variety of jazz influences, performing primarily from the edgier, aggressive "East Coast" school of jazz, but also adds in some smoother, milder "West Coast" influences, for flavour. Read more

Yukon Music

There are strange things found on the Internet when you're surfing just for fun. There's misinformation galore and yet, there's no way to get it undone. I won't even apologize to Robert Service because I'm here to defend his honour. Read more


Whenever the beginning of August rolls around, I think more of harvesting the fruits of my gardening than the actual gardening. And harvesting has been the in progress for a couple of weeks already. The Swiss Chard has been cut and has re-grown... Read more

Farm - Garden

Most people know that beer is made from water, barley, hops and yeast. The big four. If you were to glance around the shelves of the local liquor store, you might of course notice that some styles, such as Hefeweizens, are brewed with a fifth... Read more


Rep cinema returns to Whitehorse this week with a vengeance, as the Yukon Film Society expands its Firehall Films offerings to a mini-festival of film. Kicking off its three-night program on Wednesday, Aug. 4, is the 2009 documentary,Babies, from Fr Read more

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