Issue: 2010-08-12

I just read about a report by Dr. Ephrem Cheng that clearly proves that the longer we work, the sooner we die. Boeing Aerospace was wondering why its pension fund was "over funded". So, Dr. Cheng looked into it and discovered that "late retirees" Read more

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As it is with anything else in life, camping is all about attitude. Yes, life is easier in a hermetically sealed, temperature-controlled living room, but you would miss out on the fresh air and the scent of pine that doesn't come out of a spray can. Read more

Yukon Summer

Vacation planning has been on my mind lately; mainly how to escape from the Yukon this winter to warmer climes. I have been inspired by the stories from friends who are abroad. One in particular is the filmmaker I profiled recently who is travelling Read more

Yukon Lifestyle

In its 10th year, the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival, has made a few changes intended to give people more to do, as opposed to just looking and buying. Read more

Dawson City

I tend to mow the grass around the barn areas as green feed for all of the animals. This not only gives them the greens they love, but it also helps to protect the roaming chickens and geese. Read more

Farm - Garden

The land has its own agenda. Plants find purchase in the disturbed earth and overcome humanity's intrusions. Read more


And the muse, this time a one-liner, is this: "All I ever need to get by in this life is ... Rescue Remedy – and Jesus. Read more

What's Up Yukon Columns

Painting from the back of the truck puts me in a place where I can talk with passing cycle tourists. Cycle tourists on the Alaska Highway travel alone for long, weary stretches. Some stop to chat. One cyclist from Florida stopped ... Read more

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