Issue: 2010-08-26

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June 2014

Germany is green and clean — there’s not much garbage, and there are recycling bins everywhere. The people are friendly. Being on a train is fun and comfortable, and riding in a first class compartment is better than flying. Read more

Yukon Outside

While it's rare to find a weekend in the Dawson summer when there's not a major event, things do tend to slow down a bit after the Discovery Day weekend and the Yukon Riverside Arts Festival... Read more

Dawson City

Wild raspberries are yours for the picking in a ditch or river bank near you. Take advantage of our warm summer weather and gather plump, succulent red Read more

I like to grow beets, you can eat the entire plant. The leaves make a tasty spring treat and the roots are wonderful pickled or as a side dish. They also don't seem to have any pests or diseases and they grow well up here, another plus. Read more

Farm - Garden

I was recently in Fairbanks and Anchorage and tried out an experiment: If I went to the visitor information center and asked about galleries, and then asked the people I met in the galleries what I was missing, what would I see? Read more

Yukon Arts

My computer cheats at Backgammon. Let's all ponder that for a moment. Pathetic, eh? But is it pathetic because I like to play Backgammon on my computer, whereas I could be conquering fantastical creatures in World of Warcraft? Or is it pathetic bec Read more


If you like peas, and many Yukon gardeners must for they can be found in most gardens, you've had lots of company throughout history. Dried peas found at an archeological site near Thailand have been carbon-dated to 9750 BC according to the... Read more

Farm - Garden

The whole idea of what is "natural" or "as nature intended" is an argument often used to oppose homosexuality. Even good, well-meaning people will say things like, "I don't mind gay people, but really, it just isn't natural." I do understand this wa Read more

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