Issue: 2010-10-28

Our goal at What's Up Yukon has always been to be a true reflection of Yukon's living culture. Before we started this little magazine, our family knew there was way more happening here than we could keep track of. Read more

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Featured will be two of the newest films from Canadian pop-culture icon Ron Mann. As if that weren't enough, the Toronto director himself will be in town with his fil Read more

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With not one, but two new editors now in harness at What's Up Yukon, our loyal readers may be wondering what that means and how their magazine might be changing. Read more

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The emo wreath of skulls and black flowers hanging off our front door says it all. Halloween is coming. Fortean times have arrived. The real boon of this holiday isn't just about recycling those old black and orange wrapped toffee candies... Read more


Karen Walker, co-owner of Well-Read Books, is familiar with this phenomenon. "Sometimes the book will have come in just that day, even that hour," she says. Read more


October is an amazing month for amateur astronomers. Summer constellations like Cygnus, Lyra, Hercules are slowly sinking into the horizon, and winter constellations like Andromeda, Taurus, and Orion are making their way onto the stage of the... Read more


On a balmy afternoon about a month ago, while loitering on the deck of the beautiful Prince George Public Library, I spotted something I hadn't seen in years: a grid for playing hopscotch. Read more

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The sexiness and sass of Varietease combined with the high energy, easy-to-dance-to rockabilly stylings of Sasquatch Prom Date. Throw in a promises-to-be-scary haunted house, bat girls hanging from the ceiling, prizes for best costume, not to... Read more

Yukon Halloween

What to do with the pumpkin after H-day? Here is a delicious and heart-healthy pumpkin and sweet potato stew, fragrant with spices to bring smiles to both older and younger folk. Read more

Yukon Halloween

I saw a recent posting online that used statistics to dispel myths about the gay community. It was an interesting collection of data. OKTrends compiles data from OKCupid, an online dating site. This gives OKTrends a huge database from which to gathe Read more

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