Issue: 2010-11-18

By the time this article is in print, we will be on the cusp of the Beaujolais Nouveau season. Each year I look forward to the experience and wait impatiently for this new French wine to arrive on the shelves as soon as possible after the third... Read more


Justine Davidson has been the Whitehorse Star court reporter for three years. Recently I moderated her presentation at the Yukon Mystery Lounge. Below are highlights of the lively discussion. Read more



Issue: 2010-11-18

The Yukon Night Skies are coming alive with winter constellations like Orion, Taurus, and Gemini. Using a pair of humble binoculars, star clusters, galaxies, and nebula can all be easily seen. The Yukon Night Skies also holds an easily-seen comet... Read more


Cass Collins' new show at the Chocolate Claim draws from a common Yukon experience: the drive up or down the Alaska Highway, between here and Outside. Read more

Yukon Arts

Pam Charmin is a night owl. As organizer of the Yukon Craft Society's annual Spruce Bog craft sale, she has to be. Charmin joined the society two years after its founding 35 years ago. She inherited the mantle as organizer ... Read more

Yukon Christmas

That furry, satisfied hunter you see on the front of this week's What's Up Yukon is the most northerly cover image we've ever used. It's also a celebration of the wildness that surrounds us, and an image of a place in the Yukon where sensitive habit Read more

Yukon Wildlife

The Canadian labour movement has designated November as Labour Films Month, and has put together a package of films highlighting the history and struggles of workers in North America and worldwide. These will be shown in 50 different locations across Read more

Photography - Film

The rally continues for several returns under the fluorescent lights of the Dawson Curling Club before the ball skids under a nearby chair. Seeing the break in play, I steal the chance to talk to Sokolowski about her upcoming trip to Ottawa for the 2 Read more

Yukon Active