Issue: 2010-12-02

There's a lot happening in Whitehorse at local community venues for film this upcoming week. The Alpine Film Night series returns with a powerful documentary, the Yukon Film Society highlights two features in its Fire Hall Films series, and local Read more

Photography - Film

I'm in Dawson City, Yukon. It is 10:30 pm on a Sunday night and I find myself walking the icy boardwalks as a few brave and hearty ravens fly overhead. Read more

Dawson City

Now that the Yukon snows have finally arrived and the all-too-brief weeks of skating the magically bare icy surface of my lake are done, I am looking forward to short, early twilights leading into our the long winter nights. For me this is the... Read more


Ben Rudis, a longtime resident of Dawson City, teaches a form of kickboxing called Muay Thai three days a week in the local school gym. Read more

Yukon Active

According to John Firth's new book One Mush, Jamaicans hate dogs. So what was Caribbean musher Newton Marshall doing on the Yukon Quest in 2009? One Mush, self-published jointly by Firth and the Jamaica Dogsled Team, tells that story. Read more


The month of December promises to be an action-packed month of celestial events for every amateur astronomer and nighttime photographer. As long as the weather holds, we will be in for a very busy month. The month starts out with Mercury, the... Read more


If you think those home-tanned moccasins you've been eyeing are too expensive, taking one of Shelby Blackjack's workshops might change your mind. For the past three winters, Blackjack has been teaching Yukoners how to make slippers, mukluks ... Read more

Yukon Arts

Valerie Salez gives voice to her mixed feelings about beauty in Fourth Nature up at the Yukon Arts Centre. Italian Renaissance grottoes inspired this show. Read more

Yukon Arts

On the particular Friday in question, I set out to catch a little Main Street culture. When the #1 Riverdale rolled to a stop at the foot of my street, I blithely hopped aboard. That's when my first bald moment of the day struck ... Read more

About six years ago, Fred Penner came to town and I was very excited. I was freelancing for the Yukon News at the time and I pitched the idea of a profile to my editor. Alas, it had been promised to someone else. Read more

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