Issue: 2010-12-16

Who's in for soaking up an afternoon of heartfelt acoustic and strong songwriting in a peaceful environment, while the snow outside drifts ever deeper? Read more

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Issue: 2010-12-16

With Christmas soon arriving I am usually bombarded with emails enquiring, what is the best gift this season for a budding Yukon amateur astronomer? Read more

Yukon Christmas

Like a Diamond, Like Me launched with readings and signings to a standing-room-only crowd on November 25. Read more


Yukon skies could be busier than usual next week as extraterrestrial visitors zoom in on the Yukon Arts Centre. The annual Longest Night celebration is taking a playful look at alien life forms through film, story and music. Read more

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BC Radio One has been running a survey to find out when people think it would be okay to play Christmas music, and a lot of the on-air replies seem to think that December 24 would be just fine. Read more

Dawson City

As we are invited to holiday gatherings at friends' homes and begin to realize that our runway for shopping for gifts is rapidly running out, I had a few suggestions for the wine lovers on your list. At this season, we are often dashing in to the... Read more


You usually have two choices with your past: you can let it either haunt or inform you. Certainly one choice is likely healthier, perhaps nobler than the other, as we all progress to becoming happy, balanced individuals. Upon much reflection on... Read more


I was listening to CBC Radio's Tapestry a few weeks ago. Mary Hynes was speaking with architects, pub-goers and psychologists about the city and its spirituality. The guests spoke about public art and its effect on the populace. Read more

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