Issue: 2011-02-03

Arlette Alcock is a storyteller. Her stories are hard truths told in song, unapologetic and bare. "I'm a vessel for the stories. I like the narrative. The stories are truths that come from the earth." Read more

Yukon Music

When I grow up I want to be a cicerone. Sigh. The above statement is true. A cicerone is the sommelier of the beer world. A lucky soul who gets to order beer for fine restaurants, recommend parings to chefs, write lengthy articles for beer... Read more


Tansi! For those unfamiliar with Aboriginal languages, 'tansi' is a friendly greeting in the Cree language somewhat akin to 'hello' in English. It is a word used often in one of APTN's most popular children's programs, Nehiyawetan. Read more

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Wash your produce. We are taught this from a very young age, but it particularly holds true up here in the North. Read more

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Issue: 2011-02-03

The month of February offers long, clear, cold nights, and a chance to explore five of the finest star clusters in the Yukon Night Skies. To begin our cosmic journey look high overhead and you will find the constellation of Auriga, the Charioteer... Read more


Coachella, Shambhala, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo! What language am I speaking? I'm speaking music festivals, maaan. We've all been to one, and we've all earned that piece of clothing we wear proudly like a badge. Read more

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''Hello, everybody. Welcome to mayhem and madness." It's precisely 7 pm and Anton Solomon is just kicking off a rehearsal for the Moving Parts Theatre production of Noises Off ... Read more

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We initially honed our skills with the Arctic Ultra race at a wall tent camp at Dog Grave Lake, 40 miles south of Braeburn, on the Trans Canada Trail. Read more


Among the 25 international and Canadian features at next week's Available Light Film festival are four of the films the Toronto International Film Festival ranked as "Canada's top ten" for 2010 ( Read more

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If you have, you'll understand why the Yukon's Kim Barlow, a renowned cellist and banjo player, likes to keep 8,000 km between her and her Spring Breakup collaborator, former Ontarian now Newfoundland resident Matthias Kom, the lead singer and Read more

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It's Thursday night at Dawson City Curling Club. Club president Akio Saito explains the finer points of the pivoting head on a blue, light-weight curling broom to a teammate who's contemplating a purchase before this weekend's 112th International Bon Read more

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