Issue: 2011-02-24

In past articles, I have written about the fun of trying to match wines with food, and have also suggested that there is no one "right" answer to the question of which wine goes with which dish. These ideas were beautifully illustrated to me at a... Read more


A chance encounter with the Yukon Quest nine years ago changed Gaëtan Pierrard's life. "I made a first trip in 2002 and saw the Yukon Quest just by accident," says the 34-year-old native of Belgium. "And that was on my mind when I was back ..." Read more

Yukon Winter

One afternoon in Dublin our taxi cab driver delivered us to 120 Tritonville Road – a posh part of town, he said. We stood together at the front door and he took our picture. The cab driver loved our story about coming to Ireland to find Grandma's hou Read more

Yukon History

One reason dogs were domesticated was that they were territorial and would protect their territory and their pack. Farm dogs are here for security of the pack, which includes humans and farm animals. Read more

Farm - Garden

Halin de Repentigny, mysterious Yukon painter, experienced trapper and musher, is well known for his vibrant Yukon scenes of fishing, dog sledding and historical townscapes. Read more

Yukon Arts