Issue: 2011-04-07

The typical farmer tends to be a "Jack of all trades, master of none." Just living in a rural setting will encourage people to become more self-sufficient in a lot of ways Read more

Farm - Garden

The Rotary Music Festival – which gets off the ground again next Thursday – has been a masterpiece of logistics since its beginning in 1969. It now involves somewhere in the neighbourhood of 2,000 people: organizers, adjudicators, music teachers ... Read more

Yukon Music

Manfred Janssen and Jim Vautour were performing the iconic "Land of Gold," something they penned together in the late 1970s that many people consider the Yukon's unofficial anthem. Read more

Yukon Music

Most Canadian wine drinkers are pretty familiar with California wines. Their Pinot Noirs and Chardonnays have been celebrated in such movies as Sideways and Bottleshock, and their top-of-the-line Cabernet Sauvignons, like the 2007 Screaming Eagle... Read more


Director Gerald Isaac thinks a playground makes an ideal setting for the Guild Theatre's production of the musical comedy Into the Woods, which opens next week. Read more

Theatre - Dance

Across the territory next week, various Yukon Education Week activities will take place to help raise awareness of the importance of education. The path to educational awareness in other countries, however, can be much steeper. Liesel Briggs and he Read more

Making A Difference!

When you go to see Still Films at the Yukon Arts Centre, bring your imagination. Better yet, bring a friend and tell each other stories there, in the gallery, spinning off the images in front of you like jazz musicians. Read more

Photography - Film